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A dentist near me

Are you new to the area? Maybe you have recently moved house, or possibly you have had a change in career, or office location. If that is the case you could be looking for a new dentist in Sheffield. Here at Sandygate Dental, we understand that patients are looking to join a dental practice which can meet a variety of needs. One of the ways we can help to do this for you is through our new patient appointments.

What is a new patient appointment?

It is understandable that some people are unsure about what a new patient appointment is. It may be that you have always attended the same dentist before now. Possibly your first appointment elsewhere seemed no different to any other appointment. Do not worry if that is the experience that you have had.

At Sandygate Dental our new patient appointment consists of the following aspects (and yes, you will likely experience some of these at following appointments too). A new patient appointment can be expected to last for 30 minutes. This allows us to have time for an in-depth conversation about your needs in which we may ask about your history and any medical conditions alongside any dental problems you are currently experiencing. We will also undertake a full examination of your mouth and teeth, looking also at your jaw and bite as well as your gums.

We will also take X-rays and offer you an oral cancer screening test. Our dentist in Sheffield will then be able to give you advice on how to create good oral hygiene routines and practices. We will also discuss a treatment plan for you, whether that is to address present issues or to help to prevent dental problems and maintain a healthy smile.

Is Sandygate Dental a place for families?

If you are looking for a family dentist in Sheffield, then there is no need to look any further. Here at our practice we are pleased to welcome patients of all ages and we have treatments available for all. Whether Grandma needs to have a tooth replaced, or the children’s teeth need checking up on, we are thrilled to welcome families, singles and couples alike.

What other treatments do you offer?

A variety of treatments are available at our surgery. General dental treatments we offer include: check-ups and examinations; oral surgery and extractions; root canal treatment; emergency dental care; sports mouthguards and white fillings. We are also pleased to offer particular care towards patients who may feel nervous or even fearful about attending the dentist. If this is something you wish to know more about, or if you would consider yourself to be a nervous patient, please do contact us for a warm and friendly discussion about how we can help you to get the dental care you need.

Preventive treatments such as children’s dentistry, mouth cancer screenings, sensitive teeth and dental hygiene are also available. Along with this we are also able to address the needs of those with missing teeth or those looking for dental treatment for cosmetic purposes or facial aesthetics treatments.

If you would like to discuss any treatments further, or book an appointment, then please don’t hesitate to be in touch. We look forward to meeting you.


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