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Can my dentist in Sheffield help with my dental anxiety?

If you’re somebody who’s constantly worried about making that next trip to the dentist in Sheffield - you aren’t alone. Thousands of people across the UK struggle with dental anxiety. Largely inherited from either parents or from stories we consume in the media dental anxiety if often not really caused from first hand experience. Not being able to go to the dentist can be really damaging to your health long-term as lots of dental issues won’t have symptoms early on. Here’s how your dentist in Sheffield can help.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is that little fear that comes creeping in when you think about the dentist, maybe you get butterflies or maybe you just totally push the thought out of your head - dental anxiety is a way to describe the feeling of not wanting to go to the dentist. That being said, it shouldn't get muddled up with dental phobia which is slightly more serious and can need expert help from both dentals experts and doctors in order to help get patients to a place where they can be seen. Today we are going to focus on dental anxiety and ways in which we at Sandygate Dental can help, but also ways in which you can help yourself.

Helping Yourself with Dental Anxiety

Number One: Come and visit your dentist in Sheffield before your appointment - it doesn’t matter if you’re a new patient or an old patient, we want to see you. The practice is a warm friendly environment and it’s a helpful idea to get yourself acquainted with it ahead of your appointment date. Giving yourself the time to see the place ahead of time will help quieten the worry bugs.

Number Two: Book early - there’s no need to spend all day worrying about your appointment causing unwanted worry and stress to your day. Come on a first appointment slot before you’ve time to overthink the appointment.

Number Three: Bring a friend or family member - having someone at the appointment who knows you and wants to help support you through this journey will only really help you on the day.

Number Four: Bring anything to help you - If you want to pop your headphones in to zone out that’s fine by us, if you want to wear an eye mask to help take you somewhere else mentally that’s also very much ok. Whatever you need.

How We Can Help

Number One: Your dentist is a hub of information so asking questions, having answers to what's going to happen can help make you feel like you’re in more control and will help quiet the worrying.

Number Two: We can work out hand signals to stop the procedure. Being about to stop what is happening again just puts you back in control of the situation - it doesn’t need to be complicated, just a simple raising of the hand and we will stop all activity.

Number Three: Sedation in some cases if it’s needed we can talk about what medication can be taken to help. Every case is individual and we’ll need to talk about this beforehand but it is an option for patients.


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