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Cosmetic dentistry at a dentist in Sheffield

When it comes to beautifying your smile, Sandygate Dental has got a range of treatments available for you. From simple whitening treatments to a full smile makeover, your dentist in Sheffield can accommodate your needs in order to help give you more confidence, thanks to a newly transformed smile. Cosmetic dentistry has increased in popularity over the years thanks to new technologies that help busy adults get the smile they’ve always dreamed of, it also gives those who have upcoming events like a wedding that extra bit of confidence to smile for the photographs that will last a lifetime.


A beautiful smile has a lasting effect and naturally makes for a very good first impression which can affect everything from first dates to business deals. You want to put your best face forward with a winning smile that lights up a room and your dentist in Sheffield can help you get there with a number of treatments as described below.

Teeth whitening

This is for those who are looking to add that little extra brightness to their smile, it is a simple, painless, and quick procedure that can even take care of some stubborn stains like those produced by acidic drinks like coffee, cola and poor habits such as smoking. A brighter, whiter smile will be noticed and appreciated by those around you. For those looking to maintain a beautiful smile, home whitening kits are also available at our practice.

White fillings

For those who have cavities that need to be filled we offer tooth-coloured, white fillings that will not ever be noticeable when you laugh or smile, we can also replace older, metal fillings for a more beautiful set of teeth.

Porcelain veneers

Sometimes we can’t always get rid of a stain with a whitening treatment and in this case, we will recommend that you get veneers to cover those particular teeth. Veneers can also be used to transform a smile for those who are not willing to wait for orthodontic procedures to work. By replacing as few as 6 teeth with a set of veneers you can change and improve the look of your smile in as little as 2 appointments. This procedure is not reversible, but it is very effective in achieving a perfect smile. Veneers are made from porcelain which exactly mimics the texture, look, feel, and transparency of real teeth, extensive documentation of your own teeth and smile will be made in order to provide you with a natural and more beautiful set of veneers, which will be placed over your natural teeth after they have been filed down.


Our dentist in Sheffield uses orthodontic treatments like clear aligners and Invisalign to straighten natural teeth, this can be done before whitening to transform a smile and can take anywhere from 4-12 months to complete, depending on the severity of the misalignments.

Complete smile makeovers can use a combination of the above treatments in order to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. For whatever reason you are looking to improve yourself, our assessment of your teeth will help us decide on the best form of action to take.


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