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Dental emergency? Look no further!

Noone likes being in pain, and maybe pain has led you to look into how to receive emergency care from a dentist in Sheffield. Maybe you are wondering what you need to do about your pain, and what level of care you require. It is important to recognise that some emergency dental care must take place at A and E, obviously depending on the severity of the patient’s needs. These cases may include injury to the face, teeth or mouth; heavy bleeding or severe pain. In these severe cases please attend your local A and E department. If you are unsure, your local dentist will be able to advise you if you require that level of care within practice hours, simply make a call to Sandygate Dental. If your need is outside of these hours, NHS 111 should be able to advise you further on the correct course of action for you. If you are a practice membership patient, a helpline is also available out of hours.

Lots of dental emergencies can be treated by your dentist at an emergency appointment, on the day or otherwise depending on the level of urgency related to your need. It is important to discuss this with your dentist in Sheffield to communicate an idea of the pain you are in and the other symptoms you may be experiencing. Whether you have knocked out a tooth or a filling, broken or chipped a tooth or teeth, give Sandygate Dental a call and receive a warm reception to discuss your needs.

If I have lost a tooth, why should I get immediate dental care?

If your tooth has come out, the sooner you get emergency dental care, the better. Where a dentist is seen quickly after this kind of accident, it is much more likely that the tooth (if it is in good condition) can be salvaged and put back into your mouth. Where the tooth is damaged or broken, it may be possible to install a dental implant screw in its place at a consultation which takes place soon after the incident. The likelihood of the tooth being replaced or a dental implant being installed is very dependent on each individual situation, tooth and damage. Your dentist in Sheffield would be able to give you a realistic idea as to what can be done for your personal situation on examination of your mouth and teeth.

What can I expect at an emergency dental appointment?

Whether your emergency dental appointment takes place on the same day as the damage you have sustained or soon after, your dentist in Sheffield will begin your consultation with a full examination of your mouth and teeth. This may be a concern to you if you are in severe pain, but please don’t be concerned for long. Depending on the severity of each case, your dentist at Sandygate Dental may administer local anaesthetic to the area to minimise pain during this examination.

Sterilisation of the area will also take place to help reduce the risk of infection caused by the trauma in your mouth. Following this, the damaged tooth or teeth may be temporarily or permanently restored if possible. If it is deemed necessary for an extraction to take place, your dentist will discuss your options going forward for replacement of the tooth / teeth that have been removed. As well as being a benefit to your immediate and long term oral health, emergency dental treatment may continue to serve you in the future in the form of reducing risk of infection and helping to salvage remaining tooth structure where possible.

So, if you have had a dental emergency, contact Sandygate Dental today to discuss with one of our friendly teams if we can help you be on the road to smiling again.


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