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Dental implants at a dentist in Sheffield

Whether you have lost one tooth or have no teeth and have been enduring a set of dentures for years, getting dental implants may be a perfect solution for you to restore, not only the confidence in your smile, but your oral and bone health as well. Missing teeth have far-reaching implications that go further than losing the ability to bite or chew and we at Sandygate Dental, your dentist in Sheffield, aim to prevent and even reverse the negative results of missing teeth with dental implants which are available to patients both young and old.

Implications of missing teeth

When a tooth is removed from the jawbone it leaves an obvious gap, whether it’s a gap in the back of the mouth or the front 6 social teeth, it can make eating an encumbrance, but it also means that the mouth is opened up to infection as more of the gum is exposed and moreover, it means that the jawbone itself will begin to dissolve. This is a natural process in the body, the jawbone’s function is to hold the teeth in place and when teeth are no longer there, particularly in the case of those who are missing all their teeth, the body begins to absorb the bone and this causes the face to appear sunken, which can make you look older. However, your local dentist in Sheffield has a solution that not only helps to retain the remaining bone, but can also reverse this natural process and encourage the bone to grow back:

Dental implants

Dental implants are small screws that are made of titanium, which is a very strong metal alloy. In the 60s it was found that human bone absolutely loves to fuse with and grow onto this material, making it ideal in the use of healing bone breaks. It was also discovered that it is excellent to use in dentistry to mimic the root of a natural tooth as it almost never gets rejected by the body, so it lasts a lifetime as a support structure to the bone.

If a patient has been using dentures for many years they may not have enough bone to work with to perform implant surgery immediately and will need to get a bone graft in order to help stimulate bone growth before implants are inserted. The healing process for bone graft surgery is around 6 months, but if it is successful then your dentist in Sheffield can perform dental implant surgery in order to provide you with a permanent and secure set of teeth.

Dental implant surgery involves implanting the titanium screw into the bone and then stitching the gum closed. You will receive a temporary bridge or crown and be sent home to allow your body’s natural healing process to take place, in order for the bone to properly fuse to the screw. Once this has happened (usually after 6 months) you will be able to go back to the dentist in order to have a permanent tooth or set of teeth fixed to the implants. These will look and act just like normal teeth and will last many years without suffering from the risks of infection or decay should you take care of them correctly.

All dental surgery is performed under anaesthetic and you will not feel too much discomfort while implants are being inserted, for nervous patients there is always an option to undergo sedation to help you remain calm and relaxed for the entire procedure.


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