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Do you suffer from dental anxiety, start with a checkup at this dentist in Sheffield!

Even these days, a large number of people suffer from dental anxiety. Dental anxiety often stems from some childhood or adolescent experience and, in many cases, fear of the unknown. At Sandygate Dental, we have a patient focused approach to dentistry and ensure that our team members are selected for their patient first attitude. Our friendly welcoming team will help you to feel relaxed and at ease on your first appointment, this first appointment will be a routine checkup which doesn’t involve any dental procedures. We will spend time examining your oral cavity and explain to you what we find. In keeping with modern dental practices, we will also conduct a cancer screening as part of the examination. You will get to know us and we will begin to understand you and what you expect from your dental team. Once we have completed our examination, we will discuss with you what we have identified as requiring attention and what treatments are available. As part of the discussion, we will encourage you to get involved by asking questions about anything with which you are unfamiliar. From the start, we want you to understand that we are your team and that you have control of your dental care. Our ambition is to help you to retain your teeth with the minimum amount of intervention so that your teeth last your entire lifetime. We will design a treatment plan personal to you which meets with your approval.

More than dental care!

As a contemporary patient-centric dentist in Sheffield, our main focus is ensuring that your teeth and gums perform the functions that nature intended them to perform. Modern technology has helped dentistry to deliver a wide range of treatments that have enhanced the patient experience. Dental science is continuously delivering new procedures which are more comfortable and less stressful for patients. Enhancements in cosmetic treatments have become popular; our dedicated team delivers procedures from teeth whitening to more complex dental implants. Patients are becoming more aware of the value of their teeth, both from the point of view of practical use as well as the value of being able to produce a confident smile. The mental benefits of smiling are well known and we are fortunate to be able to use our skills, knowledge, and talents to be able to bring a broad smile to our patients faces.

Preventive care

Preventive dentistry is vital to maintaining your teeth and the best place to start is with children. If you have children, we encourage you to bring them in as young as possible. The first stages of their journey is the familiarisation with our dental surgery, our staff and then when they are ready our dentist in Sheffield. After a few visits we will examine their mouth to identify any problems that may need treatment at a later date. We will teach them the best way to care for their teeth and the correct brushing method that suits their teeth and gums. This could be the best gift that you could give them; being able to maintain healthy teeth and gums is something they will appreciate as they mature.

Your satisfaction is our incentive

In addition to helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums, we also provide aesthetic facial treatment so that you can enjoy anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments in a safe environment.


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