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Get perfectly aligned teeth with Invisalign in Sheffield

Unfortunately, there are still some adults in the UK living with one of the most common and treatable dental issues, many of whom may not be aware that there are treatment options available to them. There is no need for any adult living in the UK to be resigned to living their adult lives with misaligned or crooked teeth, given the improvements made in the field of dental treatment in recent years.

Here at Sandygate Dental, we are aiming to help those living with misaligned teeth to receive a modern treatment option, Invisalign in Sheffield. By offering this state of the art tooth alignment treatment to potential clients in the area we hope to play our small part in helping to improve the overall oral health and hygiene of the local community.

Solving common issues

By offering Invisalign as a treatment option in Sheffield we can directly address common issues that can occur for someone with misaligned teeth, enabling them to enjoy a higher standard of oral health and hygiene, as well as improving the overall quality of life they experience.

Many potential clients report issues such as tooth crowding, protruding teeth and weakness of the bite when living with misaligned teeth. All of which can be remedied, meaning there is no need to live with these issues any longer.

Out with the old, in with the new

Many of the adults who are living with misaligned teeth in the UK may have been offered tooth alignment treatment earlier in life but may have declined to engage with treatment due to some quite common reasoning. If you are someone who was offered braces by a dentist in your teenage years, and decided not to have treatment at the time, we completely understand your choice and your reasoning that may have led you to the choice you made.

Let us be honest, the idea of braces tends to strike fear into the heart of any teenager. The thought of having wires and metal placed on our teeth at a time when we are at our most sensitive may be enough to make anyone decide to live with the discomfort and issues of misaligned teeth, as this may appear preferable to ridicule and bullying at the time. But this is the old way of thinking, relating to an old form of treatment.

With the advent of innovations in dental treatments came a new way of thinking around tooth alignment treatments. Gone are the wired braces of old, in their place are new modern and sleek aligners that have led to the re-thinking of teeth alignment as we know it.

Made from two thin layers of clear plastic, Invisalign aligners are designed to be hidden in plain sight, allowing you to receive the treatment you may require without anyone being able to see your aligner. Due to the fact they are so discrete, we do believe they form the perfect solution for any adult who ran away from treatment in their teenage years.

What are you waiting for?

If you are looking for tooth alignment treatment, then what are you waiting for? Here at Sandygate Dental, we are more than happy to discuss your treatment options with you, as well as explain why we decided to start offering Invisalign in Sheffield. Give our reception a call to book your appointment for a consultation.

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