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Getting a routine dental hygiene appointment near me

Are you looking for a dentist in Sheffield which offers specific appointments with a dental hygienist? Maybe you have been advised to attend regular dental hygiene appointments in order to help maintain good oral health. At Sandygate Dental we are pleased to provide such appointments. At a hygiene appointment with our dentist in Sheffield you can expect to be welcomed by a specially trained dental hygienist. These appointments can be particularly helpful in cleaning plaque from hard-to-reach places.

What can I expect from a hygiene appointment?

At Sandygate Dental we begin with a full examination of your teeth, gums and mouth. This helps us to determine if any risk factors are present and how much plaque removal you will need to undergo. Your teeth will then be professionally scaled and polished. This is a way of cleaning the teeth using professional equipment and pastes. You will also be advised by our hygienist about good practices to put into place while caring for your oral hygiene at home. This is important because good oral hygiene can help to prevent the occurrence of other dental problems.

It may be that you have braces, dentures or other orthodontic equipment fitted which require particular methods of cleaning in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our hygienist's role is to advise you on these methods, and you may also wish to ask any questions about cleaning your braces or dentures whilst you are at this appointment.

If, at your appointment, risk factors are highlighted, our hygienist may recommend that you book an appointment with the dentist in Sheffield in order to address the issues these may cause.

What are the advantages of maintaining good oral hygiene?

There are many advantages when it comes to creating and continuing with good oral hygiene routines. Good oral hygiene standards can help to prevent several dental problems from taking hold. They can help to prevent tooth decay from the build-up of plaque on the surface of your teeth. The risk of tooth loss can also be reduced through the maintenance of good hygiene practices.

The possibility of getting gum disease or causing cavities which require fillings to repair can also be lowered by maintaining good oral hygiene. Where teeth are properly cleaned and cared for, the risk of infection to the gums may also be reduced.

If you are someone who struggles with sensitive teeth then including good oral hygiene in your daily routine can help to prevent the furtherance of this issue. It may be that you would also benefit from an appointment especially for sensitive teeth which we are pleased to offer here at the practice.

Tips for maintaining good oral hygiene

There are many things you can do in order to create good dental hygiene routines. These include thoroughly brushing and flossing twice daily. Using dental products (such as toothpaste) which contain fluoride can also help towards keeping your teeth clean. Understanding your own unique oral health needs is paramount to establishing the best routine for you and this is a key aspect which your dental hygienist can help you with. Of course it is therefore important to attend regular check-ups in order to remain informed about your personal needs.

At Sandygate Dental we would be happy to welcome you for an appointment with a dental hygienist who will be able to discuss this with you, in the context of your needs.


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