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Getting registered with a dentist in Sheffield

One of the most important areas of our body's health is our oral health; our mouths are the gateway to the rest of our bodies therefore we all need to recognise the importance of doing all we can to ensure that we attain and maintain high oral hygiene standards. The main tool we can all use on a daily basis is brushing our teeth twice a day as recommended by all dental professionals; this will help to protect our teeth and gums from the development of common oral health issues such as tooth decay or gum disease.

However, we should all recognise that brushing our teeth alone is not the only tool we can use to achieve the oral health and hygiene standards that we would all wish to achieve. There will always be times when our oral health would benefit from the intervention that only a dental professional can provide, whether it be in the form of an oral health checkup or in the provision of dental treatment to relieve an oral health issue. For this reason, we should all seek to ensure that we are registered with a dentist in Sheffield, as this will make access to dental treatment a smooth and easy process.

At Sandygate Dental, we aim to ensure that the patients we see and the community we serve have access to the dental care and treatment that they need in order to attain the highest possible oral hygiene standards, as we want each individual we provide care for to have the oral health standards that they are totally happy with.

The need to register

If you are not registered with a dentist in Sheffield, then you may be doing your teeth and gums a disservice as without professional care and advice any issues you are having may not be able to be fully resolved. The ability to seek professional advice when needed is something we all seek to do in many areas of our lives, so surely we should also do this when it pertains to our need for good oral health.

The best way to begin to register with a dental practice is to make a simple phone call to our practice receptionist who will take all your basic details so they can begin the process of registering you. An appointment for your first oral health checkup with us will then be arranged.

At your first appointment, you will undergo a full examination of your teeth and gums, as this will give us an understanding of your oral hygiene needs. From there, we will be able to make any recommendations about activities and treatments that we feel will be of benefit to you. We may also ask to undergo an oral cancer screening, please do not be frightened by this as it is mainly a precautionary measure. However, if this screening does flag up an issue for concern we will ensure that we refer you to any specialist medical team that can help to resolve the issue for you.

Register today

If you are seeking to improve your personal oral health and hygiene standards then you need to be registered with a dentist in Sheffield, as this will make accessing all the dental care you will need easy and quick.

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