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How do you know you have found the right dentist?

At Sandygate Dental, we understand well the serious consequences of neglecting dental care. It is unfortunate that many choose to ignore dental pain living with the discomfort on a daily basis, or the loss of a tooth because they dread seeking professional dental care.

The up-close and personal nature of dental care involves a dentist in Sheffield to work inside a patient’s mouth which can make a patient uncomfortable. Dental phobia is a well-recognised problem in the dental industry. But there are no two ways about it – professional dental care is an indispensable part of taking care of one’s body.

It is, therefore, all the more important to choose a dentist in Sheffield whom you are comfortable with and trust. Partnering with the right dental practitioner is a sure-fire way to experience an excellent level of patient care. At our dental practice, patient comfort is a top priority and we encourage all patients who experience anxieties when thinking about visiting our rooms to speak to us about their concerns. Our dentist in Sheffield can suggest suitable measures to allay these fears.

If superior dental care relies on the type of dentist you choose, then a good question to ask is - How do you know you have found the right dentist? We offer you a few tell-tale signs that indicate your dental practitioner is one for keeps.

Signs that point to an ideal dental professional

One of the first signs that always tell if you have found the right healthcare professional is how comfortable you are with them. Being comfortable with one’s healthcare professional is important as patients share personal information with them. If a patient does not feel comfortable sharing information with the dental practitioner, this can jeopardise the quality of care received as the dentists may not have all the relevant information to offer an accurate diagnosis or prescribe effective treatment plans.

Patients are more likely to build a trusted rapport with a dentist who listens to them with patience and understanding and compassion. Good dentists encourage patients to voice questions and concerns and not rush through a session to fit in as many appointments as possible.

Another top sign you have a good dentist is when they are at pains to educate you about your oral health. Whether it be oral hygiene maintenance tips or advice on a healthier tooth-friendly diet, an ideal dental practitioner will make patient education an important part of delivering quality patient care.

The dental practice is equipped with advanced dental technologies. The investment in modern dental tools and equipment is evidence of how serious the dentist is of the quality of care they deliver. Dental equipment has evolved to offer more accurate diagnosis quicker and points to a dental practice that values efficacy of care as well as efficiencies in delivery.

Receiving dental care from a professional with all the desirable qualities translates into excellent patient care and a positive dental experience. This is important to our dental team at Sandygate Dental because we know this helps our patients continue to smile happy and healthy smiles. Begin your patient journey on the right foot. Let us help you to better oral health by reaching out to our reception desk to schedule an appointment.


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