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How do you know you’re ready for an anti-wrinkle treatment?

That moment to take the plunge and maybe look to a cosmetic procedure to help fight those wrinkle anxieties is a big one. When it comes to facial enhancing procedures the jury of friends and family surrounding us is usually a split one. Lots of people are very pro-cosmetic procedures and lots are anti. Maybe you were someone who never thought when the time came, you’d be opting for a little filler or Botox here and there, and that’s fine, you never know until you’re in the position of deciding. But let's settle some questions and take a look at the signs that you might be ready for your first cosmetic procedure.

The facts

Before you embark on any journey you should be getting all the information you need. All cosmetic procedures have some risks or side effects and so it’s best that when you are thinking about this that you get all the information. Our team members at Sandygate Dental, although we are a dentist in Sheffield, are also fully equipped and qualified to offer a range of facial aesthetics procedures. We would be happy for you to visit us for a consultation about your wants.

Like with all medical procedures, you should also be doing your own research; read reviews and look at all the types of procedures that are available to you. Check in with exactly what products are being used. We only use the highest quality, safe products on the market. If you would like to hear more on what we offer, get in contact with our reception staff at any time.

Things to think about before a consultation with our dentist in Sheffield

Before you opt for any procedure you need to check with yourself and really dig deep as to why you think now is the right time.

Ask yourself what you want to change and why. Are you wanting to fix crow’s feet? Or are you wanting to add filler to multiple areas of your face? Because there is a serious difference. And opting for something that will change the shape of your face could make you feel far more different compared to just having some fine lines filled out.

Ask why you think you want to do this now. It’s really important before venturing into any cosmetic procedure to check in with all the other areas of your life and how you’re feeling in general. It's very common for people to reach for quick-fix solutions to bigger problems. Now, of course we aren’t saying you shouldn’t have work done that you want done, but maybe just really take time to focus on the why. If you think that you’re struggling with ageing in general and having some work done will make you feel better you could be mistaken - working towards feeling confident in your skin first and then going to a procedure to enhance what you’re confident with is a much healthier headspace to be in.

If you are worried about your motivation then talk to our dentist in Sheffield when you visit the practice for your consultation, they will be able to advise you on what they think are the healthiest steps for you moving forward, before any treatment is offered.


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