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How does your dentist in Sheffield fix sensitive teeth?

Having sensitive teeth is probably far more common than you realise - we see lots of patients coming with concerns of sharp pains when they’re eating or drinking and though in some cases yes it can be serious in lots of cases it can be a really simple fix. If you’re wanting to get back to biting into those summer lollies or enjoying an ice cold aperol without the worry of tooth pain, then this one's for you. Here’s how your dentist in Sheffield can help with sensitive teeth.

Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth

Of course the most obvious symptom when it comes to sensitive teeth is pain when you eat or drink something cold but there are other things to be looking out for… If you feel discomfort when food is too hot, if you feel discomfort when eating particularly sugary or acidic foods, if you feel uncomfortable when brushing or flossing or if you feel a nasy sensation on your teeth when the air is cold. If you do find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms you should be contacting your dentist in Sheffield as soon as possible.

What causes sensitive teeth?

Tooth sensitivity can in some cases be bought on my medication or pre-existing medical conditions. It is very common for those suffering with or recovering from Bulimia to have lost layers of their enamel from the acid in purging. These cases are very specific and need care and attention from specialist teams including your dentist in Sheffield and other medical professionals.

For the majority of patients we find that sensitive teeth are usually caused by a diet too rich in sugary and acidic foods. This type of food attacks enamel and can leave the nerves of the teeth exposed to the world. This exposure is what causes the sensitivity which in itself comes in various degrees of severity.

How to fix tooth sensitivity?

For a lot of patients because the issue is caught so early (and we can’t stress enough how much easier these issues are to treat the earlier they are caught) it’s as simple as investing in a sensitive tooth, toothpaste - these toothpastes are designed to desensitise the tooth and give patients back normal tooth function. No more winsing at the thought of ice cream.

For some people it can be that the reason for tooth sensitivity is more complex and it might be that decay has begun to form or that there’s an issue with the gums. It’s important to say that whatever the reason you’re only going to get the proper diagnosis from coming to visit us here at Sandygate dental, where you can be properly screened for all the relevant issues and causes.

Moving Forward

When it comes to protecting your teeth from further issues, it’s important to keep on top of good oral health. Using soft bristle toothbrushes and products that include fluoride which in the correct dose will help encourage the tooth's natural enamel coating in the future.

If you’ve any questions on sensitivity, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the practice as soon as you can.


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