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How to look younger with the dentist in Sheffield

Many people find getting older to be difficult, but what is the secret to navigating the process with confidence? Here at Sandygate Dental, we do not just offer treatments for issues with oral health, we also help our patients to look and feel at their youthful best with a choice of options to facilitate that.

This guide explores how we can help to hold back the hands of time with treatments such as dental implants, teeth whitening and veneers. The dentist in Sheffield can do so much more than give a filling or resolve dental discomfort.

Dental implants

People can suffer from tooth loss at any age, but the chances of this occurring increase as we get older. When a tooth or teeth are missing, a person can feel very self-conscious about their appearance. They may feel nervous or anxious about socialising or engaging with colleagues at work, and even less attractive than their younger counterparts.

Tooth loss can accelerate the appearance of facial ageing. This is because there are not just gaps where the teeth used to be, but where the roots of the teeth once resided too. If this is not resolved, then the gums shrink to accommodate these gaps. The result of this is that the structure of the face is changed, and the person finds that they have a shrunken look that makes them look much older than their years.

Dental implants from the dentist in Sheffield are a very effective solution for the ageing that can be caused by tooth loss. They are a direct replacement for the roots of the teeth, which means that they allow the patient to retain their youthful facial structure and maintain their appearance even as the years advance.

Teeth whitening

White bright teeth are often considered one of the hallmarks of a youthful appearance. Teeth whitening from the dentist in Sheffield makes this accessible to patients of all ages. This is a minimally invasive treatment that can transform the smile and help make the patient look younger and more attractive.

To get the teeth professionally whitened, it is a simple matter of making an appointment with us. We take a record of the teeth so that we can create custom made trays. These trays are then issued to the patient along with a special whitening gel. They are worn at night for a couple of weeks until the desired result is achieved. This treatment can erase signs of ageing such as yellowing and staining from habits like drinking tea, coffee and red wine and smoking.


For the patient who is unhappy with staining, chips and cracks and general ageing of the smile, veneers offer an excellent solution. They are thin pieces of porcelain that are placed over the teeth to cover damage, yellowing and unevenness. Veneers deliver instant results as soon as the treatment is complete, and with good care can last for many years. They are a very effective means of looking younger and more attractive.


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