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Invisalign from the dentist in Sheffield

The dentist in Sheffield can do so much more than check-ups and essential treatments. Here at Sandygate Dental, we help our patients to get a smile they can be proud of with a choice of cosmetic improvements. One of the most popular of those improvements is Invisalign, a means of getting straight teeth that is unlike any conventional orthodontic system.

Patients can inform themselves about what Invisalign is and why so many people choose this treatment using this guide. We explore how it works and explain the benefits that can be expected when a patient chooses to improve their smile in this way.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is completely different to the usual metal braces that we usually think of when orthodontic treatment is mentioned. The braces take the form of trays that are similar to retainers or mouthguards. These trays are worn over the teeth for around 2 weeks at a time, before being swapped for a new set. They apply mild pressure to the teeth to gently move them into a more uniform position over time until the treatment is complete.


People are sometimes reluctant to consider Invisalign from the dentist in Sheffield because they think they are too old for braces, or they are worried about everyone knowing they are having treatment. However, Invisalign braces are completely invisible, which means that the patient who feels self-conscious has nothing to fear. They can get the smile of their dreams whilst keeping their orthodontic treatment to themselves.


Many other types of braces are permanent fixtures for the duration of treatment. Fortunately, invisible braces are designed to be removed at the convenience of the patient. This means that they can eat anything they like, and there are no restrictions whatsoever on the types of foods or drinks that can be consumed.

Clear braces can also be removed to enable the patient to enjoy their favourite hobbies, such as contact sports or playing musical instruments.

It is worth noting that though the aligners can be removed at any time, they need to be worn most of every day if they are going to do their job effectively. The recommendation is 22 hours out of every 24 hour period. Patients should also be aware that eating or drinking anything other than water while wearing the braces can damage them and impact results.

The fact that Invisalign is easily taken out means that the patient does not have to stop enjoying their favourite hobbies and foods as before, and this is considered a significant benefit by most patients who choose this treatment.

Less time at the dentist

The patient who gets their teeth straightened using clear braces spends less time at the dentist in Sheffield than those who choose other methods. More traditional types of braces need to be manually adjusted in the surgery, but the adjustments are made when we give the patient their new set of aligners with Invisalign. This means that they have more time to focus on their lives whilst still enjoying the newfound confidence that comes with getting a great smile.


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