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Invisalign - Our low impact orthodontics

We have had great success with orthodontic tools so subtle that they have been nicknamed invisible braces. Let's talk more about Invisalign in Sheffield, how it works and how they could help you.

Invisalign Sheffield is an orthodontic tool that alters the position of your teeth over time. Although it is based on the same principles as the standard metal brace, it is quite different. When orthodontic treatment is carried out using a traditional brace, the braces fitted with a treatment schedule focus on the approximate movements required. Then periodically throughout the treatment, you will visit your dentist or orthodontist to have your braces tightened and adjusted. During each of these adjustments how your teeth have moved will be noted and the next stage in their motion will be set by altering the tension in the arch wire and the brackets. At the same time, the brace will be checked to see if it is well maintained and functioning.

Clear aligners approach this problem from the other direction. Treatment starts off by taking extremely accurate measurements of the starting position of your teeth. These measurements are used to calibrate a simulation of the human mouth, matching it up to your particular orthodontic misalignment. Then the entire treatment is carried out in the simulation with each tooth being moved through a path from its current location to an ideal location.

The simulation is extremely anatomically accurate and from it, the amount of force and direction of that force required to move the teeth can be calculated. The next challenge is to produce a device that can apply the correct forces in the correct direction to bring about the changes seen in the simulation.

That is what the aligners are; clear lightweight plastic forms which have been very cleverly designed to be useful at aligning your teeth. The force required to move teeth is significant and the aligners do not have any metal components or archwires; those forces are stored in the elastic tension of the aligner itself. It is an elegant solution but is only practical over very short distances.

We overcome this with Invisalign Sheffield by using a series of aligners, each one moving the teeth slightly further towards their final location.

Smart and subtle

Not only is it fair to say that clear aligners are a smart solution but they are also a subtle one, as they are entirely translucent and very close fitting to the teeth they often go unnoticed. Each aligner is only used for 2 weeks over the course of the treatment; so they do not have to be as robust or hard-wearing as the traditional brace.

It is important to wear your aligners regularly in order for the treatment schedule to remain on course. Too much time spent out of them would result in the predicted change in tooth position and the real one being out of sync, the treatment becoming ineffective and possibly having to be restarted. But it is recommended that you remove them for eating and drinking, as hard foods can easily warp or damage all the plastic forms.


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