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Is Invisalign Sheffield right for you?

Invisalign Sheffield clear aligners have provided a way for there to be many happy smiles on a worldwide scale. These transparent appliances work to improve the appearance of misaligned smiles whilst looking good during the treatment process. In addition to their aesthetically pleasing appearance (which many of our patients are drawn to initially) Invisalign Sheffield also works to produce effective and long-lasting dental results to provide straighter, and happier smiles our patients can have confidence in.

Why choose Invisalign Sheffield?

The modern dental market is constantly evolving, with more and more orthodontic appliances made readily available, many of our patients may feel spoilt for choice. If you are a patient who is feeling unsure of which treatment option is right for you, then we suggest you speak with a member of our experienced team to discuss all of your potential options. Invisalign clear aligners could be the perfect solution for patients who wish to improve the appearance of their smile, without the unsightly appearance of obvious metal dental work.

What to expect from the Invisalign treatment process

Despite their rising popularity, many patients may continue to be a little bit unsure concerning exactly what the Invisalign treatment process is like. Clear aligners are often deemed as the ‘modern alternative to braces’, but how do they work to produce a straighter smile?

At our clinic located within the heart of Sheffield we take pride in delivering an impeccable standard of dental care for all of our patients. Our experienced team of dental healthcare professionals adopt a patient-centred dental approach which places our patients’ needs at the top of our priority list. In addition to our team and modern dental practice, we also choose to consider convenience with every treatment we offer, with Invisalign being no exception.

There for you, at every stage of the treatment process

Once you have decided that Invisalign clear aligners are right for you, we can begin the treatment process. Initially our team will take the patient through a ‘case assessment’ which involves a simple selection of photos determining whether the patient is suitable for the Invisalign treatment plan. If the treatment is right for your unique dental case, we can progress to the next stage.

One step closer to a straighter smile

During stage two of the process, our team will take photos, X-rays, digital scans, or a dental impression of your pre-treatment teeth. Once these images are collected we will create a tailor-made ‘digital treatment plan’ using the very best in contemporary technology.

Taking a glimpse at your future

Our modern technology allows our team to create 3D imaging incrementally displaying the evolution of our patients' future smiles. This can not only be extremely motivating for our patients during treatment, but can also help our patients decide if Invisalign is right for them, as through this they will see the end result of treatment.

Receiving your aligners

After all of the necessary impressions have been taken, we can create your clear aligners. We give our patients a set of aligners to wear daily and replace within the comfort of their own home around every two weeks. Our practice will invite you back every four to six weeks in order to monitor your progress and provide you with new trays.


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