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Is teeth whitening really worth it?

Having a gorgeous bright white smile is the perfect summer accessory and we at Sandygate Dental believe all our patients have the right to feel happy and confident in their smile. We see that more and more people are opting for teeth whitening, but is teeth whitening really worth the money? And does it really last? Let’s take a look at what our dentist in Sheffield thinks.

Why whiten?

People whiten their teeth for lots of reasons, but mainly it is down to years of little bits of staining building up. It’s very common for people to have a slight discolouration to their teeth as our modern diets don’t really complement the upkeep of a bright white smile. Fizzy drinks, juices, wine and coffee all make serious contributions to the slow but steady layers of discolouration.

For the most part, slightly discoloured teeth aren’t anything to worry about and aren't necessarily a reflection of the health of your teeth, but it is worth seeing our dentist in Sheffield if you are worried about any sudden colour change, as it could be a sign of a developing dental issue.

If you’ve had the all clear and think that whitening would be something you’d like to consider then we at Sandygate would be really happy to help you on your journey to whiter teeth.

Benefits of teeth whitening

How you feel about your smile is really important - feeling self-conscious and worrying about how your teeth look can, over time, have serious implications on how you feel about yourself and so taking care of your teeth has benefits far beyond just that of having a white smile.

Types of whitening

We are proud to offer a safe, quick, excellent form of whitening to all our patients. When you come for your consultation we’ll take moulds of your teeth to have custom-built whitening trays made for you. These trays will be used to hold the bleaching solution over your teeth while you sleep. This home whitening method is super easy and convenient and means you have control over the process.

How long does it last?

One of the major factors when thinking about whitening your teeth professionally is about aftercare. If you want the results to be lasting and worth the investment you need to commit yourself to making changes to sustain them.

One you’ve had your two week whitening treatment, it’s really important that you've assessed how much your current diet could be affecting your tooth colour. If you’re someone who drinks lots of tea and coffee it could be a good time to start cutting back. Equally if you’re someone who consumes lots of fruit juices or red wine, looking to find new options might be a good idea. At the very basic level, how long a teeth whitening treatment lasts is very much down to you, so if you’re worried that you might lessen the long-term effects of your whitening then speak to our dentist in Sheffield to find out what you should be cutting out.


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