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Key questions to ask a dentist

A critical part of our quality dental care services at our Sandygate dental clinic is patient education. Along with having our excellent dentist in Sheffield look after oral health, is patient knowledge about how best they can protect the health and function of their mouths which is critical for it is their actions outside of our clinic that plays a key role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums and a happy attractive smile.

During a routine dental check-up or consultation appointment at our clinic are golden opportunities for patients to ask our highly knowledgeable dentist in Sheffield not only questions about their concerns but how to improve their at-home oral hygiene practices for optimal dental health. For patients wondering just what sort of questions one might ask, we thought to provide a list of some of the most common questions we hear during these visits.

Questions you might want to ask our dentist in Sheffield

● How can I take my oral hygiene practice at home to the next level?

Some patients may be surprised to hear that not all attempts at brushing teeth may do the job properly and that there are recommended ways of brushing and flossing teeth effectively. Next to proper techniques are the right type of dental products to use. Not all products are suitable or comfortable for every patient to use – one patient may need softer toothbrush bristles or a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth while other patients may need greater fluoride protection. Our dentist is best placed to recommend the best type of products available for best oral health protection.

● Do I need to change my diet?

This question may surprise many patients, after all, one is not visiting a general practitioner or dietician but the simple truth is that the foods and beverages one consumes has a direct impact on dental health. Certain foods and beverages that contain excessive amounts of sugar or are too acidic are not kind to teeth and gum health and our dentist, on discussing a patient’s diet and lifestyle, can advise on which foods and drinks to limit or avoid.

● Do I need any further dental work done?

Sometimes teeth and gums may be healthy for the present but problems may arise in the future or more can be done to improve the look of a smile. Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry can offer patients oral health benefits that can have a resounding positive effect on their mental health and social and professional lives.

● When is my next appointment?

We believe that this is a question that should appear on every patient’s list of questions to ask. Routine check-up appointments at our dental clinic are vitally important for patient peace of mind that there are no worrying issues of their dental health present and that their investment in restorative or cosmetic dentistry treatments are well-protected.

Asking questions is a great gateway to facilitate communication between dental practitioner and patient. Of course it is always easier for patients to engage with a dental practitioner who is approachable, patient and friendly. At Sandygate dental clinic we enjoy forging positive and pleasing relationships with our patients which is helped by our dental team being compassionate and caring as well as exceedingly competent.


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