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Learning to love your smile

The more advanced technology becomes, the more our lives are becoming intrinsically linked to it. Our whole world is now online and so when it comes to how we feel about our smile, there’s nowhere to hide. Whether it’s social media or work-linked profiles, having that perfect smiley shot of our face is becoming more and more important - we’re all on the hunt for likes and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But for those of our patients who don’t feel confident with their teeth this can become a serious area of concern and stress. With a recent study showing 50% of Brits are in some way unhappy with their smile, it’s our priority to be part of the movement to reduce this number. So, here are all our tips to finding a new wave of confidence with the grin you're in.

Where are these perfect smiles coming from?

Firstly let’s just have a look at where our ideals for the perfect smile are coming from. If it’s your favourite model, or influencer, let's not forget that technology, for all its benefits, is full of sin. It’s amazing how easy it is now for anyone to download a simple app and start modifying their smile. Straighter teeth, brighter white, all accessible with a couple of clicks - so next time you’re comparing yourself to you new favourite tik-toker or instagram influencer just remind yourself that it’s likely there’s a layer of filter highlighting their best bits. And if you don’t believe us, next time you come and see our dentist in Sheffield, show us a photo and we’ll tell you if we think those are natural gnashers.

Now to television. You tune on first thing at breakfast and those morning shows have a whole sofa full of perfectly aligned smilers. Actors, presenters, musicians, sportsmen - 99% of them have amazing teeth and of course they do. They have a whole host of people supporting them to get the smile of their dreams, and it’s likely a lot of them will have had financial sponsorship to get them. So give yourself a break and remember what is and isn’t accessible to all. Take pride in the fact that you have a beautiful natural smile and your worth goes far beyond what is skin deep. A far better lesson to learn than being popular. For many people in the spotlight, having their looks constantly criticised and commented on comes with its own whole heap of anxiety issues. So next time you want to be hard on yourself, try and change the narrative. Be proud of who you are and what your teeth represent… you.

Curbing those comments

A really scary number of us have been reported to have negative comments thrown our way from friends and family. Now, of course this is extremely hard and hearing negative comments on our looks from those who are supposed to be our biggest supporters is super tough. But when people say nasty things it’s mostly a reflection on how they feel about themselves. So take it with a pinch of salt and maybe ask why they feel it’s the right thing to do, to make comments on someone else's appearance. True ugliness comes from nastiness, responding with kindness is true beauty.

Next steps

If you are worried about your smile, we want to support our patients. So come and visit your dentist in Sheffield here at Sandygate Dental, we would be happy to support you through your smile journey no matter how big or small. It’s likely your dentist in Sheffield will be equipped with all the tools needed to help you find confidence in what you have - and maybe just accentuate that beautiful smile a little more.


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