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Local Dentist for Families

If you are new to the area you may be looking to find a dentist in Sheffield who can cater for your family’s needs. Maybe your new baby is starting to gain some of their first teeth and so you are searching for a practice to register with for their dental care. At Sandygate Dental we recognise the importance of looking after one’s teeth at every age and stage, including from the very beginning, and we recognise this is a commonality we have with local parents. If you are looking for a patient centred dental practice who can cater for the differing needs of your family, we would love to hear from you.

Why should I register my child with a local dentist?

There are many benefits to having regular dental check-ups for young children. One such advantage is that visiting the dentist from a young age could encourage a lifelong acceptance of dentistry, and reduce the likelihood of developing nerves around visits to the dentist in Sheffield. We recognise that nerves surrounding our field of work are common and therefore are advocates for beginning a creation of rapport with your local dental practice as soon as possible for your little one. We, at Sandygate Dental, endeavour to provide the most comfortable and friendly setting possible to bring your child to for their dental needs. This can include welcoming and warm conversation with our friendly staff team. Bringing your child along with you to your dental consultations may also increase this familiarity and build their confidence in a dental environment. We would recommend that children attend with a parent or carer who is confident and calm at the dentist.

Regular check-ups can enhance oral health, more effectively so when good hygiene routines are also maintained at home. Attending these consultations can help identify issues such as decay when they are still at a treatable level, and preventive treatments can be introduced. Your dentist in Sheffield is also given the opportunity to examine the mouth and teeth which provides an opportunity to observe the introduction of new teeth in your child’s mouth and in time their progression through to adult teeth.

What kind of preventive treatment can my child have?

At your child’s check up you may be offered a fluoride application. This is painted on to the tooth’s surface and helps to mineralise them. This is an effective and safe way to help prevent decay from developing on your child’s teeth. Another treatment which can help reduce the likelihood of your child developing decay on their teeth is the use of fissure sealants. These are tooth coloured which means they are less prone to being noticeable to others. When a child regularly attends the dentist it is more feasible that problems such as overbite, underbite and crossbite are caught early. The benefit of this is that, as with many dental needs, these problems can be addressed and therefore resolved more quickly to promote the continued dental wellbeing of your child. It is important to understand that treatments are individual to each patient, and therefore any treatment undertaken should only be on the specific advice of an appropriately qualified dentist in Sheffield.


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