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Looking for a dentist in Sheffield?

We all have times in life when our teeth need to be examined, these occasions can range from the need for a check-up to the need for a tooth extraction. We have to look after our adult teeth as much as possible, as this is the only set we will have for the majority of our lives, and it is best to treat them as one of the most important parts of our bodies.

Oral health and hygiene ought to be something that people should aim to pay more attention to, as we use our mouths and teeth in a variety of ways every day. Still, many adults in the UK are not registered with a dentist, meaning they are not able to receive regular dental check-ups and treatment.

Sandygate Dental is a dentist in Sheffield actively engaging with the local community in the hope of getting as many adults as possible to register with a dentist. We are placing importance on this engagement as we understand that this is the best way to increase standards of oral health and hygiene in the area.

Why some fail to engage with oral health services

As a leading dentist in Sheffield, we understand that there are several barriers to people accessing dental services in the UK. Some are of a personal psychological nature, such as fear, and others are based around the affordability of treatment.

Wherever possible we aim to help any potential patients to overcome any barrier that stands in their way when trying to access treatment.

If you are someone who has a fear of the dentist or dental practices, you will find our compassionate, understanding team will be more than happy to try and help you overcome this fear. This will be done at a pace set by you, with encouragement from our team members. We would point out to you that once you call a dentist and book an appointment for a consultation, that is the moment you take the biggest step to try and conquer your fear.

For those who find that costs are a barrier to receiving dental treatment, we believe we have several options that can help. With our monthly membership plans, we aim to provide cover for all check-ups for you and your family, along with cover for any oral hygiene appointment that is deemed necessary to ensure your oral health is at the highest standard possible. Our plans have been created to be an affordable gateway to dental treatment for all, as you pay monthly to cover all your basic dental needs.

For those who find they need more specialised dental treatment, we would ask you not to worry about the ability to afford treatment. We can help you to access specialised finance partners who can help to come up with a finance package that suits your income and budget, this will help you to spread the cost of treatment and pay an affordable monthly payment over a period that fits you.

Receive the treatment you need

Sandygate Dental wants to hear from any potential patients looking for a dentist in Sheffield, we are here to help and support anyone looking for dental treatment.


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