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Looking for anti-wrinkle treatment in Sheffield

As we get older our faces start to show signs of age, as the natural oils that our skin needs to look fresh and youthful start to dry up and dissipate. In the later years of our lives, our faces may start to develop frown lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead lines, and ‘smoker’s lines around the mouth and lips.

In recent times medical advances have made it possible for people to turn back

time and regain their youthful looks without the need for major, and often, invasive surgery. There are now some quick and simple procedures available to those looking for their fountain of youth, many of which are now offered through dental practices.

At Sandygate Dental we are now offering anti-wrinkle treatment Sheffield to our patients who may feel they would like to take advantage of the benefits these treatments offer. We offer a safe, clean medical environment for patients to receive treatment from a medical professional who they can trust.

Best of all, many of these treatments can be completed within ten minutes, with the full results being clear to see within days.

A dentist administering cosmetic treatments? Really?

We know that some people may think it is strange that a dentist is offering anti-wrinkle treatments Sheffield, as the normal thinking about a dentist is that they deal with teeth and oral health. But, if you think about it, it is not strange at all given the knowledge a dentist needs to have.

What many people may not realise is a dentist needs to understand much more about all aspects of the face, to treat clients properly. So, while they may have the specialised knowledge of the teeth and jaw they need to carry out their work, a dentist will also have a clear and precise understanding of the muscles and other structures that are used to make up the face.

Many of the muscles in our faces are tiny and very delicate, therefore it is best to find someone with the required knowledge when having any cosmetic treatment that involves an injection going into the tissues of the face. Making a dentist perfectly qualified for this task.

What is involved in the treatment?

Our treatment involves an injection of botulinum toxin, better known as Botox, into the area of the face the patient wants to treat. A fine needle is inserted into the skin and a small amount of Botox is released into the treatment area, this is used to smooth and strengthen the structure of the face in the area and creates the look of youth that the patient may be looking to achieve.

Once a patient has received treatment, they should be able to notice the results within days of treatment, these results should last several months after treatment. Patients should be aware these treatments are not permanent, and they may need further treatments to maintain the effects of the original procedure.

Get professional advice

We at Sandygate Dental must insist that anyone thinking about undergoing anti-wrinkle treatment Sheffield, or anywhere in the UK, gets professional advice from someone who is qualified in the best practice of these treatments. Remember, this is a treatment on your face, please seek to protect yourself by being fully informed.


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