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Realigning your smile at Sandygate Dental

There are many orthodontic options available at your local dental clinic; one of our favourites here at Sandgate Dental is Invisalign Sheffield. Let's talk more about how we carry out this clear aligner treatment and what you can expect afterwards at our clinic!

We often see adult orthodontic patients here in our clinic and Invisalign Sheffield has been an excellent way of meeting their orthodontic needs in a subtle and practical way. Suitable for working professionals, it has led to us providing clear aligner based treatments more often and to an older demographic.

All patients are individuals and their exact treatment schedules vary, but we can take a look at the textbook average example just to know what to expect if you're interested in clear aligners and how they can help you.

The treatment process

All treatments start out with a thorough consultation; it's very important to establish the goals of the treatment, whether they be clinical or cosmetic, as well as comparing the pros and cons of any procedure that involves dental realignment. Assuming Invisalign Sheffield would be a practical treatment for you, then we can immediately move on to the fitting. After an initial consultation, sometimes a set of X-rays may be deemed as necessary in order to fully explore the condition of your roots or any potential issues beneath the gum line.

Fitting clear aligners is extremely simple. It involves making a record of the position of your teeth as a starting point; the fastest and most convenient way to do this is with our intraoral scanner. This uses photo imagery and three-dimensional model technology to rapidly and conveniently construct an accurate model of your teeth from a set of photos taken of the surface of your teeth. It is a rapid and non-invasive procedure which is more effective and quicker than traditional dental moulding.

A predictive treatment schedule will be automatically generated and we can show you the stages that your teeth will go through during their time with aligners.

The 3D models will be sent off and the finished aligners will be delivered to the clinic; when they arrive, you'll be contacted to collect them and begin your treatment.

These aligners are thin plastic trays that you will wear over your teeth. Each one is used for approximately two weeks and a series of them makes up the overall treatment. Each aligner is only meant to nudge your teeth in the correct direction before being swapped for the next one. When you initially put on the aligner, it will feel tight and over the course of two weeks, they will begin to feel looser. This is your teeth adapting to their new position and it is when they feel loose that it is time to switch to the next in the series.

The overall treatment schedule varies greatly from 6 months to just over a year depending on the severity of the misalignment that is being corrected and how far your teeth have to be moved. We recommend you attend the clinic every four to six weeks, so we can check on how the treatment is progressing and allow any issues to be caught and corrected early.


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