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Rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle treatment

Are you looking for a reliable local provider of injectable rejuvenating treatment? Our anti-wrinkle treatment in Sheffield brings expertise and professionalism to your doorstep.

Cosmetic treatment means very different things to different people and it can be easy to get images of radical appearance change or the horror stories of surgery when you see the word cosmetic here at our clinic. Anti-wrinkle treatment in Sheffield is about careful and refined application of injectables to reduce the signs of aging, giving a healthy and radiant appearance.

Botox injections

Simply put, injectables are an excellent method of reducing the signs of aging without resorting to more invasive surgical procedures. Botox semi-permanently relaxes muscle groups that it is applied to and is one of the most popular anti-wrinkle treatment in Sheffield. When these groups relax, the tension that they place on the surrounding tissues is released. By strategically using Botox on some of the more problematic areas in the face, harderlines associated with wrinkles can be softened and reduced.

Why use a dentist?

Our dentists have an excellent background that makes them particularly good at applying injectables and performing a wide array of cosmetic procedures. All dental procedures have considerations towards the aesthetic appearance and final finish. The fundamentals of facial anatomy and symmetry are part of a dental degree.

Beyond the technical skill is a strong understanding of medical consequences, allowing the safe application of an injectable area. Our dentists also have highly developed motor skills from providing many hundreds of hours of precise detailed treatments which must be performed both confidently and carefully, so our hands are unlikely to slip!

Many injectable and minimally invasive procedures can be performed by anybody in the UK without formal qualification; this has led to a wide range in the quality of providers, many of which are operating out of salons or pop-up kiosks. A dental surgery has its reputation, licensing and legislation to adhere to. This ensures your safety and also makes certain that you have recourse in the event that you are unhappy with your results or come to harm. It also ensures that we can provide you with numbing agents and pain relief if needed, alongside other medications which may only be available via prescription.

Problem areas; what we can treat

For the best results we focus on problem areas or areas which most obviously show the signs of age and are most responsive to treatment.

Frown Lines -

Deep furrows in the forehead that do not reduce regardless of what expression you're pulling.

Eyebrows -

Often focused immediately above or below the eyebrow. On the thin skin which is flexed and compressed when showing surprise.

Crow Feet -

V-shaped wrinkles occur in the cavities of the eye.

Smokers lines -

Radial wrinkles projecting outward from the lips.

The injections of these treatments themselves are very minor. The needle used is extremely fine and the volume of material delivered with injection is very small. But if you are finding them uncomfortable a topical numbing agent can be used.

The actual treatment itself only takes a few minutes and can be done as part of a short appointment if you have already had facial aesthetics with us before. The full impact of your treatment will not be apparent, and will gradually take effect over the next couple of days.


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