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Sandygate Dental is your dentist in Sheffield

Here at Sandygate Dental, we have endeavoured to create a clinic which has the personal reassuring warmth that is so valued by our more cautious patients. With a calming theme running throughout both the waiting area and treatment rooms, we begin a relationship with each of our patients with registration, and provide you with an initial check-up to address any pressing needs. We will discuss with you what you are looking for from a community dentist in Sheffield, who has been serving entire families and their needs for over three generations.

Why choose us?

Nervous patients

At Sandygate, we know that very few people are eager to attend a dental check-up and so our dentist in Sheffield has worked hard to accommodate our more nervous clients.

We will work with you to help you overcome your worries and will be able to offer you sedation if and when required. We do not judge the condition of your mouth and will aim to restore your teeth to a healthy state.

Emergency dental care

It is never a good day when you need to see our emergency dentist in Sheffield, but if and when you do, our team will be there to oversee your care. We allocate appointments each day to our emergency team, ensuring that you are seen promptly if needed, to help alleviate any discomfort you may be in. So, if you think you may need an emergency appointment, contact our friendly team.

Cosmetic treatments

No dental surgery is complete in modern times without offering patients cosmetic treatments. At Sandygate, we can meet all your aesthetic needs; if you have a gap, we can fix it with a dental implant. If you want your teeth straightened, we can offer you one of our adult aligners to allow you to do so without drawing unwanted stares. But your suitability for either braces, implants or any other cosmetic treatment will be dependent on an assessment with our team to determine the suitability and if it is the best option for your dental goals.

Facial aesthetics

At Sandygate, we can also offer you facial aesthetics such as dermal fillers. As our dental team has extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the human face, we have been able to send certain members of our team for additional training which has allowed them to specialise in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. And as our surgery is regulated, we are better equipped to provide these treatments over your local beauty salon.

Providing you with family dental care

We believe that all members of your family should receive high-quality dental care and so, we are happy to offer treatments to everyone from your youngest child to your parents. With child based dental care, we can offer early orthodontic assessments, alongside protecting baby teeth with fluoride sealants and even teaching your children how to care for their own teeth. If you or your partner are expecting a baby, we can ensure that their health is maintained throughout their pregnancy and beyond.


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