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Signs that indicate its time to see the dentist

At our Sandygate dental clinic we do not only encourage patients to visit our competent Dentist in Sheffield when they experience pain. Patients will find that dental appointments scheduled at regular intervals work best to keep their oral health in check and their smiles happy.

Many patients know that visiting a dentist in Sheffield is important for their health but not many are aware of all the various occasions when an appointment is absolutely essential. It is an unfortunate occurrence when one experiences a problem with mouth health and function but seeking professional treatment should not be put off for longer than is necessary. Here are some of the red flags to look out for that indicate its time to sit in the dental chair.

Times to see our dentist in Sheffield

Loose or damaged tooth appliances

Loose fitting and damaged orthodontic devices will delay a patient’s treatment plan and the results they are after. Having these devices repaired as soon as possible, whether it is dentures or braces, will ensure that a patient can get back on treatment and achieve their oral health goals.

Persistent bad breath symptoms

Having bad breath on the odd occasion is not too much a concern as the cause may be attributed to something one ate or drank or that a good brush and floss at home will cure. It is when bad breath refuses to go away that signals professional care is needed. Our highly competent dental practitioner will carry out a reliable assessment to determine the source of the bad breath symptoms and prescribe suitable treatment.

Bleeding gums

This may be a tricky one for patients to determine especially if the bleeding is caused by a patient brushing their teeth with undue force or there has been lengthy gaps between flossing. It must be remembered that not all bleeding symptoms are harmless as bleeding can signal a more serious concern – the gum condition called gingivitis.

Inflamed gums

Red swollen gums is the body’s way to tell us that foreign bodies, i.e. bacteria and tartar are compromising gum health. Any delay in having this symptom checked out by a qualified dental practitioner can lead to the condition worsening and the development of gum disease. Simple in-clinic deep cleaning procedures are quick and less costly when compared to treating periodontics that can be a protracted and expensive process.

Tooth sensitivity

Consuming cold or hot treats should not be accompanied by sharp twinges or painful sensations. Any unpleasant symptoms is a sure sign that there is a problem that needs attending to by an experienced dental practitioner.

Teeth discolouration

A lesser known cause of discoloured teeth is poor oral hygiene. Not all evidence of teeth discolouration is a result of smoking or eating certain foods, an underlying dental problem is also a common cause.

It is easier to save teeth when a problem is in the early stages and that much harder when the problem has progressed to an advanced stage (and far more costly and time-consuming too). To protect oral health with preventive dentistry and enjoy having natural teeth for life is a good reason to schedule regular appointments at Sandygate dental clinic.


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