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Straightening your teeth at a dentist in Sheffield

Are you unhappy with how your teeth look, and feel less confident than you could because your smile isn’t quite where you would like it to be? Many people like you suffer with a lack of self-esteem because of how crooked their teeth are and every one of them stand to gain with the Invisalign treatment at a dentist in Sheffield. We at Sandygate want to offer you the opportunity to make an appointment to consult with us on the viability of this orthodontic treatment to help correct any issues you may have with your smile. From overcrowding to gaps and bite issues, we can discuss what is best for you in order to lift your confidence and even improve your oral health.

Types of problems that Invisalign can fix

Our dentist in Sheffield has seen a number of orthodontic issues that an individual may have and some people may be suffering from one or more of the following:

Overcrowding - Often a case of genetics, this can be seen when there is not enough space in the jaw to fit all the adult teeth and therefore they crowd, twist, and overlap one another which is not only embarrassing when you smile but it can make brushing and flossing difficult which may lead to cavities.

Gaps - These spacing issues are seen when there is a gap between your teeth, some people have only one gap in the top center two teeth while others may have multiple gaps in the front bottom row, and pockets of food may get stuck in these gaps causing bad smells and even gum disease.

Malocclusions are problems with the bite, and the way your top and bottom teeth fit into one another is referred to as the bite and ideally, they should fit snugly without any spaces. Bite problems include:

Overbite - Most people have a slight overbite; this is where the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth in the front. However, in some cases this overbite may be quite severe and is then called a deep bite.

Underbite - Opposite to the overbite, an underbite is when the bottom jaw is just forward slightly causing the top row of teeth to fit behind the bottom row and this may cause difficulties with chewing and even speaking correctly.

Open bite - If you bite down and there is a gap between the top and bottom rows of teeth and they do not sit flush on top of each other, this is known as an open bite.

Slightly crooked teeth - Invisalign can easily align teeth that have slight misalignments due to genetics or even injury; perhaps you took a knock to the face and it permanently set a tooth off-centre, this can be readjusted back to its correct position.

Invisalign treatments at your dentist in Sheffield can help fix all the above issues and depending on the severity of your case will determine how long treatment will take. Some cases are complete as quickly as 4 months while other more complicated cases can take around 9 months - each person is different so treatments are custom made to the individual.


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