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Taking care of your family's oral health needs at our dentist in Sheffield

One part of our adult lives that many of us hold close to our hearts is our families, our loved ones and children are the people that we want the best for and whom we would go to the end of the world to protect. When it comes to our children, we want them to grow into healthy young adults who can live life to the fullest without fear of suffering any major illness. For this reason, we will go to great lengths to teach our children how to look after every aspect of their body’s health, including their oral health.

Let us be honest, many of us who are parents struggle at times to ensure that our children are brushing their teeth in a way that is best for them. We want them to brush their teeth once in the morning and once at night, this is why we start to feel the need to ensure that they are registered with a dentist in Sheffield. By ensuring our children are registered with a dental practice, we will then have the knowledge that they can undergo their oral health-ups and receive any dental treatment that may be of benefit to them.

If you choose to register your children with Sandygate Dental, we can promise you that they will be made to feel comfortable and treated with respect. Your child will also find that each member of our team that they come into contact with will be warm and friendly towards them.

Introducing your child to oral health care

There is no specific age that we would recommend introducing your child to a dentist in Sheffield, as every child develops their ability to understand new ideas at different stages of the early years of development. Our best advice is that you, as their parents, should trust your own judgement; you know them best and will know when they are ready for their first visit to a dental practice.

If you find that your child is feeling anxious or nervous when you bring them along for their first visit to a dental practice, then we would ask you to mention this to a member of our team who is manning the reception desk. If possible, we will arrange for a member of our dental team to sit with you and your child so they can talk about what is making them feel nervous, as we want every child our team sees to have a positive experience from their first visit to our practice.

After your child's first visit, it is our hope that they go home feeling positive about their experience, as this may help to encourage them to return and keep doing the necessary thing they need to do in order to look after their teeth and maintain a high standard of oral hygiene. With any luck, they will develop a respect for their oral health that they will carry throughout their lives.

Registering your children

It is easy to register your children with our dentist in Sheffield, simply give our reception a call and the staff will be able to start the registration process as well as book your children’s first appointment.

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