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Top tips to ease anxiety when visiting the dentist in sheffield

Dental anxiety is very common - many people have that horrible stomach churning feeling when they think about having to make that next dentist appointment and it’s no wonder why. We often see adults talk about their dental fears as children and seeing negative experiences through film and television subconsciously filters through to our brains. If this feels like you - do not fear we’ve put together our top tips to help quieten your dental anxieties.

Top Tips

Firstly - You need to make sure you’re going to a practice you trust, we at Sandygate Dental pride ourselves on being a wam, friendly, empathetic team on hand to help you with any queries you might have regarding your dental needs. Never be afraid to ask a question, nothing is too big or too small.

Secondly - When you have decided we are the right practice for you - have a pre-appointment visit. Now of course this can feel slightly odd, going to the dentist in Sheffield when you’re not booked into seeing the dentist, but this could really help ease those butterflies. As humans we like to be in familiar surroundings we know are safe - don’t put yourself through the double stress of seeing a dentist in Sheffield and also visiting a new place for the first time. Plus you could even get an opportunity to see some of our team ahead of your appointment and again this is only going to make you feel calmer.

Thirdly - Have a sit down with your thoughts and write down how you are feeling. Ask yourself what it is exactly that makes you feel uncomfortable about the dentist - sometimes we avoid thinking about things that make us uncomfortable which is totally understandable but it means we never get to the root cause. It could be that you had a bad experience or witnessed your parents having a tooth taken out as a child - when you know what it is exactly that’s making you feel uncomfortable, you can work with your dentist in Sheffield to find a way through it.

Fourth - Now there’s no need to rush into major tooth fixing - why not just book a nice little check up first, then the next week a hygienist appointment? Take it slowly, you don’t need to rush into having work done - unless it’s an emergency. When you come for early appointments, talk to one of our team about how you’re feeling. That way, we can offer you extra emotional support throughout the appointment.

Fifth - Book an early appointment slot, this is a really practical tool to help. There’s no need to book a later in the day appointment and as such spend all day having to sit nervously waiting. Come see us first thing, get it out the way. Rip of the bandage as they say.

Sixth - Talk to the dentist about a hand signal between you that means they will stop straight away. This method gives you back some control when you’re in the chair and can help aid your anxious feelings.

Seventh - Take a friend or family member, use your support network in your hour of need. Having a loved one by your side will really help give you a calming presence and they will be able to reassure you throughout the wait and the appointment. We are happy for people to sit in appointments for support.


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