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What can my Invisalign dentist in Sheffield do for my overall health?

Well we all know about the cosmetic benefits of getting our teeth straightened - there’s nothing better than waking up after that brace treatment has finally finished and being left with a perfect smile for the first time. But what else can having straight teeth do for our overall health? Can getting our teeth straightened benefit do more than just give us a lovely smile? Talk to your dentist in Sheffield about all the ways teeth straightening through Invisalign could help you.

What are the physical health benefits of teeth straightening?

Have you ever heard about the brain gut connection? Well if you haven’t it’s this really important relationship that happens between your brain and your digestive system. Why is that important when it comes to teeth straightening well…

Teeth are really important when it comes to chewing you food (which sounds obvious) but not having the correct bit when you chew could lead to food now being broken down enough in your mouth, which can mean you end up not naturally producing enough saliva. Salvia isn't just there to keep your mouth moist salvia has a very, very important job - it breaks down the food we eat! So if we aren’t chewing enough and if we aren’t making enough saliva to break down food - what do you think happens? Yep - food gets to our tummies and needs more digestion than what the stomach wants to do or should do really. That is when we start to get digestion issues, bloating, gas, tummy, cramps, trouble passing stool etc.

More on the gut - have you heard of serotonin? It’s the hormone we produce that helps keep us happy and stress free. It’s super important to us for daily activity and quality of life. Guess where serotonin is made? The gut! Yup our happiness is made in our stomachs. So if your tummy is having a hard time digesting, it’s going to have a hard time making serotonin and this can cause our moads to drop and stress levels to rise. Having straight teeth could actually help with your mood! When you come in for your next check up with us, ask your dentist in Sheffield if they think your bite is ok or if you could benefit from teeth straightening.

Having straight teeth could benefit other areas of your oral health long-term. When your house is cluttered and things are lying on top of eachother, or there’s things poking out from cupboards and the place is just generally untidy it’s harder to clean isn’t it? Well it’s exactly the same when it comes to your teeth! Gapped, overlapped, crowded, wonky teeth are much harder to get properly clean than perfectly aligned pearlies. And when these hard to reach areas end up inevitably being neglected, plaque and tartar build up which in turn over time turns into decay and gum disease. When you visit your dentist in Sheffield they will be able to talk you through good oral hygiene routines to help aid against this but if you are having repeat issues it could be worth investing in teeth straightening.


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