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What is an anti-wrinkle treatment in Sheffield?

Anti-wrinkle treatment in Sheffield could be the perfect facial aesthetics option for patients looking to reduce fine lines on the face, without resorting to more serious surgical procedures. These methods work to soften the impact of wrinkles in the skin in order to produce a more youthful looking appearance post-treatment. But what are the benefits of having this treatment administered by a dentist, rather than a cosmetician?

Reaping the benefits of our dental specialists

Many of our patients may think to contact their local cosmetic clinic when considering an anti-wrinkle treatment in Sheffield. Despite this being their first thought, receiving facial aesthetics treatments from an experienced dentist can have a wealth of other benefits they may not have expected. Dentists not only perform far more complex dental procedures on a daily basis, but they also have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy in addition to the ability to perform delicate and precise work in a timely manner.

Using the highest quality materials

At our practice we strive to go above and beyond with regard to the quality of our treatments. Our dentists use the botulinum toxin ‘type A’ for this facial aesthetics treatment which produces effective and problem-free results for our patients.

How does this treatment work to produce a more youthful appearance?

Despite the undeniable popularity of ‘Botox’, many of our patients may wish to know a little bit more about how the injection works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Once the Botox has been injected into the skin, the toxin works quickly to relax muscles in the face which cause expression lines. The botulinum blocks the nerve impulses in the fine lines to leave the skin looking far smoother after anti-wrinkle treatment Sheffield.

Which areas of the face can be treated?

Botox has been around for many years, and has proven undeniably effective in treating signs of ageing and producing a more youthful appearance. Many patients who have not received Botox previously may be surprised to know how many areas of the face this toxin can actually treat. Within the modern world of facial aesthetics a far broader range of facial areas are now able to be treated. Frown lines, the eyebrows themselves, crow’s feet, lines around the top lip and mouth (commonly known as ‘smoker lines’) and lastly forehead lines can all be treated with this injection.

How long does the treatment process take?

Many patients may assume facial aesthetics take several appointments to complete, however this is actually far from the truth. The injection itself is both quick, hassle-free, and with little discomfort. The treatment requires no anaesthetic, meaning patients can go about their day normally after receiving the injection.

How long will my results take to show?

The injection itself is completed within just a matter of minutes, typically 5-10, however this is subject to change depending on the individual case, results can be expected to show within a few days.

Did you know?

Depending on the patient, final appearance can take anywhere from between 4-7 days to come into effect.


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