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What to expect as a new patient with our dentist in Sheffield

The first appointment

To begin with it is important for our dental team to learn about you. This does not mean that we want to know your favourite movie or pet’s first name, although you are welcome to tell us! What we mean when we say ‘learn about you’, is your dental history, your current oral hygiene methods and your plans and expectations going forward for your dental treatment. During our first 30 minute appointment we will discuss all this with you and carry out a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, jaw and your bite. On top of this we will carry out X-rays and an oral cancer screening. Now we realise this all sounds like a lot of prodding about within your mouth, but rest assured that our dentist in Sheffield carries out this detailed work so that the start of our journey together gets off to an excellent start. After all, your dental hygiene requires teamwork from you and your dental team.

The process of visiting the dental practice

From the moment a patient picks up the phone and makes the call to our dental practice, our team ensures that we work with you and we find an appointment that works to your schedule. We offer a friendly, welcoming approach both on the phone and in person, so if you are anxious about any aspects of your appointment just let one of our team know and we will ensure we do everything we can to put your mind at ease. From chatting to us through to sitting in our comfortable waiting room, we want you to have a relaxing experience and of course we want you to return for your regular dental appointments which are of great importance.

Creating, improving and maintaining your winning smile

A smile can have a dazzling effect for any number of reasons. It can brighten up your face and mood, it can make others feel warm and welcome, it can exude different emotions. No matter what the reason behind your smile we all want it to be healthy both cosmetically and physically. That is why our regular dental appointments are so important. Our dentist in Sheffield wants to see you around every 6 months for a check-up, as this enables them to spot any potential dental problems before they can cause further damage. Regular appointments help our dental team by allowing them to put in preventive measures to protect your mouth and gums. On occasions it may be that a treatment or procedure needs to be put in place so as to protect or improve your smile. If this is the case our dental team will discuss the options open to you and together you will decide on the best plan of action for you going forward. Maintaining your smile requires teamwork, so we are here to work with you to do just that.

Please note, all dental treatments and procedures need to be assessed for each particular patient. Therefore all our patients are encouraged to seek further information and advice from ourdentist in Sheffield on any mentioned within this article.


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