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Who are Sandygate Dental?

We are a popular dentist in Sheffield and we use our knowledge of dentistry to build beautiful smiles for our patients. Here at our practice, we will listen to your concerns about your smile and deliver the highest quality of care so you can become confident in displaying it once again. We want you to have a radiant and natural looking smile that you are comfortable with and we will endeavour to keep it as healthy as possible so you can have confidence in it looking that way for some time to come! We look after all of our patients the same way, with dignity and respect, no matter what the age of our patient or the condition of their smile. Our team is caring and will encourage you to confide in us with your goals for your dental health. We build respect and a working relationship with our patients so they can all get the help that they need in the most efficacious manner. This article will run through what treatments we have on offer, as well as why we think that you should choose us as your new practice.

What treatments do you offer?

As a dentist in Sheffield we can offer you treatments in five areas. We can offer you general treatments which include check-ups and general examinations, the application of white fillings, the treatment of dental emergencies, extractions, oral surgery, and root canals. We take special care of nervous patients in order for them to be able to access the dental care they need. We can also offer you mouthguards so you can protect your teeth when you play sports. Our second area of treatment involves preventive dentistry, this is where we cover such things as sensitive teeth, children’s teeth, and dental hygiene, as well as mouth cancer screening.

Thirdly we provide restorative services, this might be to solve the problem of missing teeth, you could consider crowns, bridges, dentures, denture stabilisation as well as dental implants for this. We also offer treatments of the cosmetic kind, this can include teeth whitening, tooth coloured white fillings, porcelain veneers, clear aligners, Invisalign and smile makeovers.

Finally, we also offer facial aesthetics. This includes anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers. You should read on to the next section if you think that we could be the practice for you.

Why should I consider your practice?

You should possibly consider us as your new dentist in Sheffield as we have a proven track record with our current patients who have passed on many positive comments, which you can view online. We can assure you that you will be welcomed warmly into our practice and treated with professionalism right from the booking of your initial appointment. We pride ourselves on our friendly reassuring team who will make your time in our practice as comfortable as it can be. We will ensure that you receive clear communication and clear guidance every step of the way, so your time with us is as efficient as possible. We are always evolving so you can be assured that the practice and its methods are regularly updated. We always put our patients first and you will be no different. If you think that you could benefit from this practice and any of our treatments mentioned then you should consider getting in touch with us so we can begin to assist you in achieving your smile goals.


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