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Why choose a dentist for facial aesthetics?

The question, ‘Why choose a dentist in Sheffield for facial aesthetics?’ is a valid one. A dentist in Sheffield has all the must-have credentials to offer patients a top quality facial aesthetics experience and the pleasing results they are after. At Sandygate Dental, we are proud to include facial aesthetic treatments along with cosmetic dental procedures to help patients put their best face forward. At our dental practice, patients can opt for anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers as well as take care of their oral health, all conveniently carried out at a dentist in Sheffield they know and trust.

Facial aesthetics treatments have seen a surge in demand in recent times as they offer patients a non-surgical means to enhance their facial appearance. As these procedures are non-surgical, there is minimal downtime for recovery for patients as they are able to fit a quick anti-wrinkle procedure into their day.

We believe that dental practitioners are best placed to carry out procedures on the face aimed at enhancing its appearance. While non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments are less invasive, they still require a high level of fine skills to minimise discomfort to patients. Here’s why we believe the next time you are wanting a facial enhancing treatment, to do so at the dentist.

Reasons it is better to use a dentist for facial aesthetics

Creating aesthetically-pleasing smiles that are also natural looking does not happen by chance but takes a knowing eye and practised skill to achieve.

Dental practitioners have the best set of qualifications and skills to deliver exceptional quality facial aesthetics treatments: clinical dexterity, in-depth facial anatomical knowledge and artistic skills. Dental practitioners undergo many years studying the face and all its interrelated parts, from the movement and nerves around the eye area to the muscles of the mouth.

A dentist oversees the administering of local anaesthetic into sensitive areas in the mouth on a daily basis. The level of skill of accurately injecting into the soft gum tissue of a dentist is second to none and why patients are more likely to experience a virtually painless injectable procedure at a dental practice.

Dental practitioners apply a patient-safety approach to aesthetic procedures. Unlike many other providers offering non-surgical aesthetic procedures, the dental industry is a strictly regulated one. Why this is important for patients is that patient safety and care is prioritised. In keeping to health and safety protocols, dentists are able to minimise cross infections.

If enhancing aesthetics is the aim of the game, then results are an all-important consideration. A dental practitioner will know not only where to inject, but how to inject to bring about natural-looking pleasing results. Choosing the wrong spot to inject in can damage muscle tissue not to mention result in a distorted look.

Done right at a responsible dental practitioner, facial aesthetics can be safe with impressive, long-lasting results. If you are looking for quality aesthetic results, why not set up an appointment at Sandygate Dental where we will be happy to discuss your goals and the options applicable to you?


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