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Why teeth whitening is best done at the dentist

Patients have two options when looking to tackle dental discolouration issues: in-clinic teeth whitening at the dentist in Sheffield and at-home whitening using over-the-counter products. At Sandygate Dental, we recommend that patients interested in brightening their smiles should know the main differences between the two before making their final choice. Both types work to improve tooth discolouration and staining but at different levels – both do not provide the same level of aesthetic results.

It is not uncommon to find that patients, at first, lean towards over-the-counter products as the price tag is cheaper and no appointment times are needed. While there may be savings in terms of money, patients are invariably dissatisfied with the end result as the level of whiteness attained are not what they expected. This is especially so for patients with heavy staining issues.

The answer for this is simple. Over-the-counter products simply do not contain the same quantity of active ingredients as teeth whitening at the dentist in Sheffield to offer the same level results.

We take a look at some of the benefits of professional teeth whitening and why they cost more, more than justifies choosing a dentist in Sheffield to brighten teeth.

Advantages of in-clinic teeth whitening

There are a number of risks to attempting to whiten teeth without the supervision of a dental practitioner – risks that can easily be avoided by leaving it to experienced professionals. In-clinic teeth whitening makes for a better and safer choice because of benefits such as the following.

Your dental health is evaluated. Patients often overlook the importance of having their oral health checked when wanting brighter teeth. Tooth discolouration can indicate a more serious underlying problem with the health of teeth that needs to be treated before having a teeth whitening procedure carried out. Unless this care is provided, no amount of teeth whitening will provide pleasing results.

Teeth are better protected. The bleaching process requires a certain amount of active ingredients that may cause damage to teeth if not used correctly. One of the dangers of at-home whitening is that over-zealous patients can exceed the recommended dosage to be used or increase the duration time of treatment, or even increase the number of times they bleach teeth. All of these poor judgment decisions can cause sensitive teeth and other concerning issues which would require further professional care to sort out.

Patients receive desirable results quicker. Dentists are skilled in the use and application of higher concentrations of active ingredients used in quality teeth whitening products. They are able to customise the teeth whitening process to meet individual patients’ needs and goals. Higher levels of bleaching ingredients allow for in-clinic treatments to brighten teeth in less time taken by off-the-shelf products.

This higher concentrative of the main ingredients also work to produce a brightening effect that lasts for a longer period.

In choosing our well-experienced dentist at Sandygate Dental to brighten your teeth, you will not only benefit from a brighter smile but a healthier one too. All it takes is a quick call for our friendly front desk team to set up an appointment for you to keep your smile bright and happy.

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