What can a Dental Hygiene Therapist do?

Our Dental Hygiene Therapist is able to carry out a wide range of treatments to improve your oral health.
Since in Dental Therapists were introduced in 2002, Dental Hygiene Therapists play a vital role within the dental team and they work alongside a dentist. They undergo the same training as dentists in the treatments that they are able to carry out and are an important member of the team improving patient’s oral care by increasing access, availability of appointments and choice of clinician.

Dental Hygiene Therapists are able to do the treatments that a Dental Hygienist can, such as; provide oral health advice, hygiene treatments such as scale and polish’s, deeper cleaning to help treat gum disease, take x-rays, carry out tooth whitening, take impressions, apply materials to teeth such as fissure sealants and fluoride. Our Hygiene Therapist has also had training in implant maintenance.

The Dental Therapy aspect includes; fillings on deciduous and permanent teeth, extractions on children, placing crowns on deciduous teeth and carrying out pulp therapy on deciduous teeth. They are also able to deliver local anaesthetic to carry out such procedures.

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