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A look at some different services and treatments offered by our dentist in Sheffield

When many people think about the services and treatments offered at a dental practice, their minds often seem to focus on the commonly known offerings, such as check-ups, fillings and root canal treatments. However, in recent years many dental practices have decided to diversify into new treatment areas, allowing them to offer their patients a new set of services and treatments alongside the procedures we all know and expect to find at a dental practice.

One of the main reasons our dental practice, Sandygate Dental, has decided to enter new areas of care, is to create a convenient way for patients who are looking for facial aesthetics treatments to receive them in a safe environment, with trained professionals. The treatments we offer include injectable cosmetic treatments, such as Botox and dermal fillers, which have grown in demand over the last decade.

It may seem strange to hear that our dentist in Sheffield is offering these types of services, but when you think about the training that we as professionals have, you can quickly realise that we are meticulously taught how to administer injections to sensitive areas of the human face. During our years of medical schooling we become very familiar with facial structure and the interaction of all the tissues which make up this particular part of the body.

Who are these services and treatments aimed at?

The injectable cosmetic treatments being offered by our dentist in Sheffield are aimed at those people who are seeking for a way to make some small enhancements to the look of their face, but may not be able to find time in their busy lives to go through surgically-based cosmetic treatments and the recovery period required after surgery.

These injectable treatments can be administered within the timescale of a normal dental appointment and the recovery process has less of an impact on someone’s daily life, with the full effects of the treatment being realised within four to seven days.

These treatments can fill out different areas of the face, including the forehead and lips, to help create a youthful look to it by hiding frown lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles in a way that appears natural. These treatments are safe for patients to receive in most cases; however, side effects can occur and if a patient experiences any redness or swelling, they should seek medical advice from their family doctor as soon as possible.

Remember the normal services and treatments are always available

While it is true that our practice is now offering a new range of services, it should be stressed these have not replaced the services and treatments that you would expect to find at our surgery. This means that your family can still receive the dental care they require as our dentist in Sheffield will still be providing check-ups, fillings and extractions as always. We are still available to look after the oral health and hygiene needs of adults and children, we have just opted to use some of our skills to allow us to offer more services that are now in demand from our patients.


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