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Dentist in Sheffield taking care of your dental emergency!

As a patient of Sandygate Dental you can be confident that we will take care of you, especially during an emergency. We offer emergency appointments because it is important to treat your teeth as soon as possible, for any sort of dental emergency. A dental emergency can either be an accident which cannot be avoided, or a result of poor dental hygiene. As a proactive dentist in Sheffield we will help you to create a personal oral hygiene plan that will help you to avoid the need for emergency dental treatment. By adhering to a properly designed oral hygiene plan you will ultimately reduce the number of times that you will need to come to our dental surgery. You will also avoid ending up with such severe dental pain resulting in emergency treatment.

A plan designed around you

Our friendly dedicated team is patient focused which means that our priority is helping you maintain your oral health. We offer you a comprehensive range of treatments and, once we have examined your oral cavity, we will talk through the correct way to look after your mouth so that you reduce the chances of dental, gum, and jawbone deterioration. We are committed to helping you maintain your oral health and, with your commitment, you should retain your teeth for your lifetime. Patients are becoming more aware of the importance of their teeth and therefore have very specific expectations of their dentist in Sheffield. At Sandygate dental, we pay attention to our patients and provide a dynamic approach which allows us to be adaptable.

Dental Functionality

How well your teeth work affects how your body functions. You must be able to chew your food so that you can maintain your health. You must be able to smile so that you can be mentally confident and happy. All the treatments that we offer are carefully discussed and thought through to ensure that you are getting the best oral care. We will ensure that your teeth function as they should in addition to looking their best.

Cosmetic dental care

We apply the same care and attention to all procedures that we perform. Having your teeth whitened may seem like a simple straightforward procedure and it is, if done correctly. We will examine your teeth to determine the nature and cause of the discolouration because certain spots and discolouration can indicate an underlying disease. You may have an eating disorder, a calcium deficiency, celiac’s disease, or a liver problem. Once we have ascertained that none of these are the cause of your particular tooth discolouration, we will create gum guards and a teeth whitening solution that is specific to you. We want to ensure that no damage is done to your teeth and gums. You may have lost a tooth as a result of an accident or through tooth decay, we can offer you a variety of solutions including dental implants. Misalignment of your teeth can also cause long term problems and, where necessary, we will refer you to an orthodontist.

Facial aesthetic care

Our knowledge and skills as a dentist in Sheffield allows us to offer you the opportunity to receive anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment from one of the team whom you know and trust. Our treatments are delivered in our treatment rooms safely under the supervision of a qualified clinician.


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