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Enjoy a popular facial rejuvenation treatment with a dentist in Sheffield

It’s no secret that at Sandygate Dental our goal is to offer our patients the highest quality dentistry coupled with excellent patient service. Your health and happiness are at the centre of how our dentist in Sheffield works and we want you to have a smile you are confident about, with healthy teeth and gums.

We recommend that all patients maintain good oral health habits

We want our patients to have the best oral health and we encourage daily hygiene routines and regular general check-ups in order to sustain that level of wellbeing. We believe in preventive dentistry as well as providing a variety of treatment options for our patients. From dental implants and dentures to teeth whitening, facial aesthetics and clear aligners, our dentist in Sheffield is equipped to offer excellent expertise in all areas.

Say goodbye to wrinkles with the help of an anti-wrinkle treatment

Did you know one of the most popular ways to instantly transform your appearance is through the use of cosmetic dentistry and dermal fillers? Are you concerned about having a surgical procedure and wish to have an alternative treatment? If you’re considering something less invasive, we recommend consulting with us about an anti-wrinkle treatment at our dentist in Sheffield.

Known to help reduce the lines on your face it has become a leading facial rejuvenation technique today. This impressive treatment can also help to soften visible signs of wrinkles on your face resulting in a youthful complexion. Dentists have great expertise and knowledge concerning facial anatomy, so who better than a dentist to perform such a procedure? You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are in secure hands and that the treatment will be performed in a safe manner.

For the anti-wrinkle treatment, an injectable aesthetic solution commonly referred to as Botox is used. Once the formula has been injected into the skin, the chemicals will cause the muscles in your face to relax resulting in a smoother appearance. The Botox formula helps to block the nerve impulses which cause expression lines to show around your face.

The areas of the face that this treatment could be applied to include your forehead to combat frown lines or expression lines, signs of crow’s feet and any visible lines around your mouth or top lip. These lines are commonly referred to as ‘smoker’s lines.

What is involved in the treatment process?

If you’re wondering what is involved in the process, the good news is that it is fairly quick, and it requires no anaesthetic. Another benefit of having this kind of treatment is that the injection is painless, and ointment can be applied to numb the area first.

The results can be seen in a few hours and for the full effects to be seen we advise waiting around four to seven days for optimum results. As you know this is a non-surgical treatment option and the results are therefore not permanent. Over time the formula will wear off and therefore after three to four months the treatment will need to be repeated.


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