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Facial aesthetics at a dentist in Sheffield

You may feel that it can’t hurt to get a little work done in order to enhance what nature has already given you, and you are absolutely right, At Sandygate Dental we can offer you our unique understanding of human facial anatomy at a dentist in Sheffield to professionally and safely administer the cosmetic injectables needed for your enhancements. Whether you want to adjust your smile or turn back the clock just a bit, these procedures are not something we advise you to try with anyone other than a medical professional, who will be able to address your aesthetic concerns and wishes in an insured and clinical environment.

Botox treatments

This cosmetic procedure is FDA approved and can treat a number of things, but its main use is to give patients who desire it an anti-ageing effect by reducing the lines and wrinkles on their face without having to resort to invasive surgery. By using fine needles to inject Botox into key areas, the substance blocks the nerves that causes tiny facial muscles to contract, this helps relax them and creates a smoothing effect which makes you look younger. The procedure at your dentist in Sheffield will only take about 6-7 minutes, so it is very quick, but it is also delicate and needs to be done by a trained professional and its administration is unadvised in inexperienced hands. Botox can be used in the following areas:

Crows feet - a genuine smile can always be discerned by the wrinkles on the corner of the eyes, but once you have finished smiling you don’t want those crinkles to remain because these ‘crow’s feet’ are a clear indication of age; however at a dentist in Sheffield, we can easily soften their appearance with an anti-wrinkle injection.

Frown lines - a frown can get a message across just as easily as words, but you don’t want a permanent grumpy look etched into your skin either and this vertical line between the eyebrows can easily become a fixture as we get older, giving you a constant expression of disapproval. But with Botox we can make that line just about disappear in order to soften your expression.

Forehead lines - as we age, these lines running across your forehead don’t seem to go away once they’re there, but they can be easily softened with a Botox injection in order to give you a smoother, younger looking forehead and skin.

Smoker’s lines - these can give your mouth a puckered look and don’t always just appear on the mouths of people who smoke, they are a clear indication of age, particularly in women and they can give off an air of disapproval.

Dermal fillers

While Botox smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers at the dentist in Sheffield can be used to plump up and restore fullness to the face in order to rejuvenate a youthful appearance. Fillers can be used to fill up deep-set creases as well as re-contour the face, like plumping up the cheeks, reshaping the chin and jaw, as well as filling out thin lips into a more full and appealing shape.


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