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Are there health benefits to wearing Invisalign?5 tops ones from Sandygate Dental

When you think of braces and aligners that are used for straightening teeth, chances are that you think of metal options.

However, should you think of clear and invisible braces and aligners, you probably think of the aesthetic advantages that they offer; they are visually discreet and they straighten your teeth, all without drawing unwanted stares from strangers and co-workers.

At Sandygate Dental, our team has helped numerous patients to correct their smiles using invisible aligners like Invisalign Sheffield and so we know a fair bit about this option. Custom-fitted to your teeth, they straighten your smile without the use of metal wires and brackets, allowing you to maintain discretion with your orthodontics. Perfect!

But have you ever considered the other physical advantages of undertaking orthodontic treatments with an aligner? What are some of the benefits that Invisalign Sheffield can offer your general health? Read on to find out!

Fewer headaches

Were you aware of the link between misaligned teeth and headaches?

Indeed, this comorbidity occurs due to nocturnal grinding and bruxing; your teeth don’t align and cannot slot together and when your facial muscles relax as you sleep, it causes movement and headaches. Not the best way to get a good night’s sleep.

Using Invisalign Sheffield to correct misalignments eliminates this risk and, as you wear the aligner to bed, it also acts as a buffer against movement until your teeth are better aligned.

Less acid reflux and heartburn

Misaligned teeth often cannot bite and chew food correctly, meaning that you are more likely to swallow large chunks of food if your teeth are crooked.

And in response to this, the stomach produces more acid to break down the food, causing acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. So, by wearing an invisible aligner, you are allowing your teeth to work together to grind food correctly, thus resulting in fewer gastrointestinal complications.

Better speech

It is striking how different the location of a person's teeth can make them sound; if your teeth are misaligned (especially the front ones), you are more likely to talk with a lisp or have issues pronouncing letters like ‘s’ and sounds like ‘th.’

With an aligner, your teeth are pushed together, allowing your tongue to move against your teeth correctly and create clearer speech patterns.

Lowered chance of cavities

It is well known by dentists and people who previously had misaligned or crooked teeth that straighter teeth are generally easier to clean.

So when you begin using any orthodontic appliance, as your teeth straighten, the risk of areas of plaque being left will be reduced and will result in fewer cavities and a lowered chance of gum disease.

Lowered chance of heart disease

Going back to the previous point, if you have misaligned teeth, chances are that you are missing areas in your mouth where plaque can build up.

Left unchecked by brushing, the plaque can seep into the system and cause heart issues, so by wearing an aligner, this entire scenario is bypassed and your heart will have a better chance of remaining healthy.


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